About us

What is CroDigit?

CroDigit is Fast and Simple Website builder. You can create free website in minutes by registering with us. We offer tons of features and simplified managing of content and pages. Our inline-editor allows editing text directly on website, upload images directly to designated fields, add app blocks easily inline. It is truly what you see is what you get.


Create unlimited pages and arrange them with menu manager.


Add apps to your layout. With few click you can add app to designated box on the page. Apps like list of posts, embedded Youtube or Vimeo video, image, Slideshow and more...

New: Gallery app and Google MAPS

Web Shop UC

Web shop is under construction and it is not available at the moment.

  • Products
  • Categories
  • Shipping modules
  • Payment module (PayPal, cod etc.)
  • Taxes and tax integration
  • Internationalization (from global i18n implementation)


Create post and manage them with editors panel. Display posts in page or with app view.

Layouts UC

Every template has its unique layouts to pick from when creating new page or subpage.

Gallery DC

Simple gallery, create albums upload with few clicks, drag 'n drop and rearrange.
Discontinued in favor of Gallery App.


API interface for developers. This is in development. Idea: Mobile/Web App for easy posting news, articles, blog posts in predefined categories.

  • polish editor
  • test apps (tested)
  • create different layouts
  • create few designs for each layout
  • automatically fill missing SEO descriptions derived from content
  • polish registration process
  • translate UI to English
  • add APP node list order option "Most popular"
  • better APP short text parsing - remove extra space
  • get a cup of coffee...
  • ... and continue
  • APP browser from
  • APP Builder

FIXES and Changelog (11 02 2017)
  • Page caching now caches to filesystem in tree structure
  • Cache signal now cleans up FS cache as long with memory cache
  • Cache purging tested but not yet implemented
  • Cluster preparations done
  • Field storage cluster implemented
  • Fixed case when duplicate field is generated
  • Translation constancy checks - successful
  • Clean URL-s for nodes and tax now have their own rulesets
  • Page and subpage url names now seo friendly
  • Nodes now have url alias option
  • Nodes url are now clean
  • Menu tree now generates clean urls for node specific cases
Changelog (5 03 2017)
  • Cache system + ESI
  • Tweaking JS UI

UC - Under Construction; DC - Discontinued