Privacy Policy

1. Read carefully

This CroDigit's Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) describes how we (, collect and use information pertaining to each of our unregistered visitors and registered users, including users with Paid Services (each, a “Visitor” or “User” (respectively), or “you”), in connection with their access to and use of CroDigit’s websites (including, and any of its subdomains, the “Website”).

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to provide you with a clear explanation of when, why and how we collect and use your personal information, as well as an explanation of your statutory rights.  This Privacy Policy is not intended to override the terms of any contract you have with us, nor any rights you might have under applicable data privacy laws.

Read this policy and make sure you fully understand our practices in relation to your personal information, before you access or use any of our Services.  If you read and fully understand this Privacy Policy, and emain opposed to our practices, you must immediately leave this website, application or service, and avoid or discontinue all use of any of our Services.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact us at [email protected]

2. What information do we collect?

We collect two types of information regarding our Visitors and Users:

Un-identified and non-identifiable information pertaining to a Visitor or un-identified User, which may be made available to us, or collected automatically via his/her use of the Services (“Non-personal Information”). Such Non-personal Information does not enable us to identify the Visitor or User from whom it was collected. The Non-personal Information collected by us mainly consists of technical and aggregated usage information, such as Visitors’ and Users’ browsing and ‘click-stream’ activity on the Services, session heatmaps and scrolls, non-identifying information regarding the Visitor’s or User’s device, operating system, internet browser, screen resolution, language and keyboard settings, internet service provider, referring/exit pages, date/time stamps, etc.

By registering and logging in we collect email address, and any other personal information you willingly provide. You can always request Account deletion by contacting us directly to [email protected] via your registered email address.

2.1. What information about registered users we have?

If you registered and using our services we have your email, name, surname or other personal information you willingly entered in our database until you request account deletion. We reserve the right to delete, remove or deactivate your account (including personal information) from our databases if we se fit due to breaking of our terms of service.

2.2. Ticket system and Forum

By entering your personal information by using our Ticket System and Support forum you agree to:
give consent that your personal data (first name, last name, e-mail address and other provided personal data) can be used in accordance with this privacy policy. The data can be used until the user account is terminated/deleted or the user asks for data to be deleted. I am familiar with my rights to request access, edit, deletion and processing limitation of the personal data given, in addition to being familiar with my rights to submit an objection regarding data processing, to transfer my data, to submit an objection to the governing body (Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency) and to submit an inquiry to a data protection official in case I believe a violation has been committed during the personal data processing.

3. Do we use Cookies?

Yes, we use session cookies to keep user session (SESS* cookie) when logged in. Also we use Google Analytics Service.

While visiting any of our webpages (by saying webpages we imply, and its subdomains), a specific amount of data might be saved on your computer in form of cookies.

The acceptance of cookies is not a prerequisite for access to our websites. We draw your attention, however, to the fact that our website and service has only limited functionality, if you do not allow us to place cookies.

Cookies are small files that are stored on your data carrier and hold certain settings and data for exchange with our system via your browser. This type of storage helps us to design our websites and our offers for you and makes it easier for you to use them in that, for example, certain input from you can be stored so that you are not required to enter this repeatedly.

This means that every time you visit any of our webpages, our web server automatically saves your IP address, data regarding how and from which website you got redirected to ours, as well as the type of web browser you're using. Moreover, we also register which from our webpages you've browsed, on which day and for how ling. These data allows us to improve the content of our webpages and to make anonymous webpage use assembly statistics for internal use and market analysis.

Cookies themselves cannot provide information about your e-mail address or data through which you can be identified in any way.

Cookies cannot be used to start programs or transfer viruses on your computer. Our websites use cookies exclusively in accordance with applicable legislative.

We implore you to secure your computer to provide you with the option to accept and disable cookies. You can set up your browser to issue a warning and warn you whenever it is prompted to use any aforementioned tracking technologies, or to enable an option to reject it. You can find detailed instructions how to do this in your web browser user manual. However, be aware that by rejecting or turning off these options you might reduce the accessibility of services offered on our webpages, in addition of lowering the effectiveness of some integral parts of our webpages.

For more information about cookies, please visit the following webpages: or Our webpages use cookies to gather analytical and user data with the purpose of improving user experience. To achieve such goals, we use several types of cookies.

Some cookies are used to ensure the functionality of our webpages. These are typically so called "session" cookies which become deleted every time you leave the website. These, for example, make sure that our content management system displays proper data, or register which items you have placed in your shopping cart during shopping.

We also use other types of cookies to gather data regarding the ways in which our webpages are used, thus making our websites more convenient and easier to use. These cookies are saved on your computer whenever you leave the webpage. This second type of cookies are referred to as persistent cookies. These cookies remain on your computer even after closing the web browser program. Thanks to them, websites can store data, such as usernames and passwords, so you do not have to type in the credentials yourself anytime you visit the webpage. Persistent cookies remain on the computer for days, months sometimes even years.

For example, some of our cookies send non-personal data to Google Analytics, a service we use to gather information regarding the frequency of webpage visits, as well as the ways in which you've been redirected to our webpage and for how long you've remained on them during your visit. These cookies do not reveal your identity. Instead, they provide us with the general idea how many people use our websites and how. This helps us in improving our websites and offering a better and clearer content.

Lastly, we use cookies to store data regarding your user settings, such as font size, as well as cookies that enable you to mark the webpage for quick access on your personal user accounts on social networks. Data gathered through cookies is never sold or revealed to third parties, unless demanded by law (e.g. government and state agencies).

Cookie configuration for some of the popular web browsers:

Mozilla Firefox - Cookie configuration
Google Chrome - Cookie configuration
Mac OS X Safari - Cookie configuration
Opera - Cookie configuration
Internet Explorer - Cookie configuration
Microsoft Edge - Cookie configuration

If your browser is not listed here, consult the documentation that your particular browser manufacturer provides. You may also consult your mobile device documentation for information on how to disable cookies on your mobile device. If you disable all cookies, you may not be able to take advantage of all the features of this Site.

3.1. Google Analytics

This website makes use of Google Analytics, a web-analysis service from Google Inc. ( Google Analytics deploys methods that make it possible to analyze the use made of the website by you, e.g. the so-called "cookies", which are text files that are stored on your computer. These cookies can monitor things such as your session time on webpages and webpages visited, which in turn enables us to to continue producing interesting content. For more information regarding GA cookies, please visit the official Google Analytics webpage.

The information generated on your use of this website is transmitted, as a rule, to a Google server in the USA and stored there. By activating the IP-anonymize function on this website the IP address is shortened, within the member countries of the European Union or in other contracting states that were party to the agreement on the European Economic Area, before further transfer.

You can prevent the acquisition of the data generated by the cookie and relating to your use of the website (incl. your IP address) by Google, as well as its processing by Google, in that you download and install the browser plug-in available under the following link:

Moreover, we use buttons and/or social media plugins which enable you to connect with social network in various ways. In order for this to work, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest set up their cookies via our webpages which in turn can be used to improve your profile on their webpages or contribute to data at disposal for various purposes which are covered in their privacy policies.

4. Sharing personal information with third parties

We DO NOT share your personal information to any third parties.

5. Deleting your account

You can always request Account deletion by contacting us directly to [email protected] via your registered email address.

6. Visitor and Users security

We think about our visitors! Our website is accessable via https (SSL) protocol. Any provided password are hashed with salt by using 128 bit encryption.

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